The X Factor: Live Show 3

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 24 October 2010 01:14
This week I did X Factor sans Twitter. I KNOW. It was very tough. I was at my friend's house and had to be sociable. Though I'm not sure talking to the television is particularly sociable... thankfully, this is where I can vent. Feel free to join in...

I am totally on the same page as Paije.To sing Ain't Nobody was complete genius and we should all bow down at his and Dannii's feet. He still dresses like a pimp/Smartie but I love him. Wondering if he could be the sneaky winner, that would be fun. What have they done to his hair though? It's a bit tall. I'd quite like to see him get with three other soulful singers and recreate Boyz II Men.

Poor John. Is it just me or is he living in the wrong era? Watching him is like watching TOTP2. Enjoyable, but something you watch with your dad. His idea of commanding a stage is standing there waving his arms (and head, so annoying) around, though I guess you can't blame him. And yes the dancers were distracting because the camera wouldn't leave them alone. He's also been given somewhat Jedward-like hair.... hmmm. His days are numbered. Maybe he could join Paije for Boyz II Men the Second?

Dammit, Cheryl chose well for Rebecca this week. 'Why Don't You Do Right', made famous by the sexiest cartoon character ever, Ms Jessica Rabbit, was purrrrfect for Rebecca's voice. What was disappointing though was that they pre-empted it with talk of her performing a bit more, but she only tottered about two yards to the piano and back again. We wanted her to launch into the more recent Gramophonedzie version, that would have really knocked our stockings off.

Oh I want to hate her. I do hate her a bit. But I think she might be my guilty pleasure. It's like watching a chav that I went to school with getting to play dress-up on national television. She looks like a dog cocking its leg to water a lampost when she dances but she can, annoyingly, rap reasonably well. She looks very at home up there with those fat eyelashes that make her eyes disappear and her Cheryl-esque red tinged hair (which Rebecca also had....spare hair dye anyone?). Sulk. 

Matt Cardle
Swooooooon. Sorry, er, I mean, wasn't he good. Like really good. Lovely Matt brought out the guitar this week, but forgot to bring his hat (which I moaned about for roughly ten minutes). He looked far more himself with no penguin suit on, just a laid back look for a laid back guy - swoon again. Singing Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time (better, it has to be said, than when my ex sang it to me once, avec guitar. True story.), we met Matt the musician. I like him, obviously. However, next time they go to Topshop, may I suggest he spends more time in the accessories section. 

One Direction
The five individuals who have to sing together are still not in my favourites list. And singing Nobody Knows is pushing it, boys. That song is too good for you (and as Dannii said, not a guilty pleasure). I do however have a soft spot for the curly one (I refuse to learn their names) and still despise the one who thinks he's Lee Ryan. Can someone tell them that's not a good thing?

This week Treyc became a Rock Chick, as is compulsory in all X Factor lifetimes. She appeared to have pom-poms on her shoulders and had also dipped into Cheryl's hair dye, presumably in order to not feel left out. They said this was a big performance number, so I expected lots of dancing. But she mainly stood there belting out the tune until the cringeworthy moment when she had to get down on her knees while not flashing pants, breaking her knees or twisting her ankle in her heels. Round of applause for getting back up again without doing herself an injury. 

All together now... cheat! Cheat! Mary cheated! Miss Mary sang a song that we have heard her sing before. This is cheeky. And boring. I could hardly stay awake, sorry Tesco. We spent the time during her performance deciding whether she had a bra on or in fact had nipple-less boobs, and discovering that my friend owns the same earrings. Then the judges started talking and when Dannii asked for a more recent song choice, Mary basically said she can't do current stuff, which kinda kills the hope of winning. 

This little Johnny Depp lookylikey had some damage control to do and I'm not sure he pulled it off. I feel so nervous watching him that it's not really enjoyable. Next week, I will watch with my eyes closed, as what with his twitchy awkward performance and him doing it on that platform, I was scared he was going to jump off throughout his (very good) rendition of Diamonds are Forever. Oh god, and when he spoke to Dermot and did his 'moves'? I stopped fancying him right there. 

Belle Amie
They're like The Saturdays aren't they? Only they're more like The Tuesdays because everyone hates a Tuesday. Most boring song choice ever, they sang I'll Stand By You in a way that allowed all of them to sing on their own as much as possible. Further evidence that they are the least group-like group ever. Likely to leave this week. 

Ricky Martin must be making money out of this guy, surely? Livin' La Vida Loca, for some unknown reason, was mixed with Spice Up Your Life (though glad Spice got into the show!) for this face-palm causing performance. Sorry Wagner lovers, but I think this burst the bubble a bit as he didn't seem to even try singing properly. He also wore a very bright vest which wouldn't be deemed good enough for a fishing net let alone to wear. The judges comments were awkward, particularly when he did a little jig. Risky. 

Well, you can't say Katie isn't trying. Weirdest song choice of the night came from the girl with roots that everyone loves to hate, who sang King of the Swingers. No, really. She's clearly not a dancer, so having to see her potter around the stage in her heels was a little painful, but I have to say (with gritted teeth) that she pulled it off, despite looking like a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Big Bird.

So, the boys all seemed to have Jedward hair (except for One Direction, who have hair that must sweep a certain way or else you're fired), the girls all got the Cheryl treatment (except for Katie, disappointingly) and the dancers are more randy than ever. My predictions - John, Wagner and Belle Amie are not safe...


4 Response to " The X Factor: Live Show 3 "

  1. I love your X Factor round-ups! I seem to always read it before catching up on the recording on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Just watched the bit where Aiden demonstrates that he can bust a move. Hahahahahaha @ "I stopped fancying him right there."


  2. Haha thank you! Bless him, I might give him another chance next week but he is on thin ice after that little display...


  3. I don't understand why Dannii's giving him all these "intense" songs. He sang (and danced if I remember correctly) Gold Digger really well in his first audition and looked really natural and cool up on stage. Now he just looks like a generic singing competition contestant.


  4. I agree - I usually agree with Dannii but although they are showing off his voice he's becoming a bit of a one trick pony and the nervous look won't get him votes for long! I think he needs to do something different next week that's more like his first audition.


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