The X Factor: Live Show 2

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 17 October 2010 22:02
Just as Big Brother made Friday nights in more bearable (well, every night in, actually... that show was on a lot), we can now not feel so bad about turning down the chance of drinking into the early hours in a bar somewhere on a Saturday because instead we can shout at our television for over two hours while enjoying a cup of tea. Thank you, X Factor. 

Live show number two was a little less exciting because the hatred for Cher and Katie is already old news... until they sing of course, and then we remember why we want to tear their hair out and hit them with a microphone. A lot of wobbly performances, a wardrobe malfunction and more... it must be 'heroes' week...

Storm Lee
Oh no, not again. As my tweet at the time said, he looked like he'd been raped by a glitter ball. And still the pink hair... why? It does nothing for that pasty face of his. His performance wasn't too bad - he sounds a bit like a weaker, less cool Bryan Adams - but, it's not working. 

Treyc Cohen
I'd like to point out that my dad's comments on Treyc were 'She should really have had that dress made in a different fabric. The quilted look makes her look very fat.' Thanks, Dad. 
Dress aside, Treyc was amazing. She clearly has the strongest voice in the competition - which would have won it for her a few years ago, but nowadays it's all about image and she's lacking one. 

I still don't get the dress sense but I don't care. Paije is cool. His voice was a bit shaky but he chose a very hard song to sing and as Simon said, he's like 'sunshine' so it doesn't matter. The only thing I'm not sure about is the way he performs - it seems too old for him and a little bit camp. Don't pout Paije, you're cute enough. 

One Direction
Sigh. One Dimensional more like. The problem with putting the band together (and the same for Belle Amie) is that they all act like individuals. If the camera goes to just one of their faces, you'd think they were singing alone, complete with dramatic and cliched moves and facial expressions.

The chavvy mini Cheryl still can't speak properly (has she got all her teeth?) but is still trying to rap. To be fair to her, she can rap better than she sings. I'd quite like to see her come out and try to do an Eminem song just to see if she can still do that awful gorilla-like crooked leg lift at the same time. She's only 17 - can they calm her down a bit, remove some of that terrible make up and take away her MASSIVE ego? Then I might like her...

He's a bit Stevie Wonder-esque in his head wiggling, is John. And so, so nasal. I was surprised when the judges gave him good comments; I still think he's lacking in charisma and needs to stop grinning at us as he sings. It's creepy. 

Diva Fever
I normally hate duos unless it's a Twix but I really enjoy these two. They're more camp than Louis (that's saying something) and always look ridiculous, but they belt out their lyrics with such enthusiasm, hating them would be like hating a pair of cute toddlers giggling - impossible. You have to laugh along with them. Possibly while wearing sunglasses. 

For some reason I'm convinced this girl is called Rachel - I cannot remember her name still (see previous post). However, she does have a lovely Macy Gray/Sade-esque voice which, as Cheryl said, is instantly recognisable as being hers - which is a pretty good talent to have. Her dress though, which looked like a blackcurrant going scuba diving, was bloody awful. 

The one most people were talking about last night, Aiden messed up. His John Lennon song was all a bit much for him and his awkward, nervous, shaky performance style from last week was still there, only this time it didn't suit the song. He also sounds a bit like Placebo. This is a good thing. But bad comments from the judges left him saying 'It was a bit rubbish' - at which point I wanted to run on and give him a hug (tricky to do from my living room) - but he's still got a great voice when he controls it, and is getting cuter by the second. His suit didn't look too good though - a few people agreed with my tweet that he looked like a guy who had just got drunk at a wedding and wandered off singing.

Watching Wagner is like when you're on holiday and the guy in charge of the restaurant you're eating at decides to start singing. Or like watching the hotel's entertainment show. It's painful. I feel a bit sad that he seems to be the joke of the show. And the dancers are still rubbing themselves - it's not good. But, it's got Louis written all over it. So let's blame him instead.

Yep, we still hate her. Despite the judges begging us to give her another go, she's still an arrogant little so and so with bad roots. She did do well in the sing-off last week - well, it was only the second time we'd heard her sing, what with all her failed auditions - so it came as a bit of a surprise that she has a voice in there. But I still can't like her, or think she deserves a place in these finals. Gerroff my telly, blondie.

Belle Amie
The clips for this so-called group pre-performance were embarrassing - with the blonde one claiming she didn't want to be the 'pretty' one who doesn't sing (they were all arguing over who gets to do a solo bit). If I were you girls, I wouldn't want to do a solo bit - you weren't good enough on your own, remember? Oh, and one had a wardobe malfunction. She didn't hide it well, doing the oh-so-classy 'must keep my bra up' move.

Tesco's Finest was less shouty this week, but she is starting to remind me of Miss Trunchball from Matilda all the same. She'll be safe for a while though. I don't dislike her, but she really would have got a record deal without even being on these shows thanks to the hype she had in auditions and bootcamp. Snore.

MATT'S HAT IS MISSING. But that was my only issue. Talk about saving the best 'til last -  I am ashamed to say I didn't know the song (Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, I am now informed) but I've had it on repeat on Spotify since I found out. There's something very cool and individual about Matt and I love him. But I love him more with a hat on (though this is true of all men I like). My only other teeny weeny criticism is that I would quite like to see him with a proper band behind him, after seeing clips of him in a band when he was younger - it suits him somehow.

The Results
It was another double elimination, with Storm getting chucked out straight away while Belle Amie and Diva Fever battled it out. Obviously, Diva Fever left because they are a duo and not as press-grabbing as the cringeworthy Jedward. What's the stylist going to do with all the left over glitter? I vote they put it on Cher and dress her like a girly girl. That'd piss her off.

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  1. Em Said,

    "I normally hate duos unless it's a Twix"

    Brilliant. Loving your witticisms on the weekly shows.


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