Shakedown Festival

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 7 August 2011 22:14 0 comments
I miss Ibiza. I mean, really miss it. My poor friends and colleagues and Twitter followers and Facebook friends and generally anyone who listens will know this already, since anytime I hear a song that may or may not have been played during my week out there, I mention that I miss it. Again. 

So, though I am hoping to pop back for a weekend before the season's up, I am doing anything I can to bring a bit of Ibiza over here to London. I listen to music whenever I can, daydream a little and am keeping the social calendar full of nights out to combat the Ibiza withdrawal symptoms. Then, I heard about Shakedown.

Shakedown festival is near my hometown in Brighton, and the line up looks ah-mazing. Example, 2 Many DJs, Kissy Sell Out, Razorlight, Zane Lowe... the list goes on and on! Obviously, I shall be there with bells on (and probably glitter, neon paint and a headband, naturally) so I thought I'd share the Ibiza-inspired love. Tickets are only £35 at the moment so if you're already bopping along to the DJs in your head, get booking! I'll definitely post a review after the event too. Happy partying...

When: Saturday 17th September 2011, 
Opening times: 2pm-Midnight
Where: Stanmer Park

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