The X Factor: First Live Show

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 10 October 2010 17:56
I'm not a bitchy person, honest. I just really like television/entertainment programmes/music and am thinking that what we really need is 'The Judge Factor' so that we can vote for and elect judges who will do more than just try and create buzz in the press... sigh. That said, I still love Dannii Minogue.

Since I'm not a close friend of Simon Cowell's and that probably won't happen, it's on with the show and my first ever X Factor blog post. The first live show kicked off last night, and having just watched it online I had to write about it... or else lose all of my Twitter followers and Facebook friends with incessant delayed-reaction status updates.

I'll try to be brief. I miss the days of Pop Idol where all they had to do was stand there and sing in the spotlight, with maybe the odd side step and air grab thrown in for good measure. Now it's all gone a bit Gaga (more on Katie later) and everyone has to have weird dancers and silly props to distract you from the fact that some of them can't actually sing. The judges have a new buzz-phrase of 'S/he is making a point tonight, they have a point to make, they have to really make their point....' just in case we needed reminding that they chose mostly wrong people to go through. But it's ok, because all the judges had a wildcard and picked decent acts to bring back (well, apart from Louis, but it's to be expected).

So... I was cringeing, my jaw comically dropped and stayed there for a good five minutes at one point, and I already want to see tonight's show. Here's what happened on live show number one...


The boyband which was not created by Simon's ego started off the show. On first look I was disappointed... they were way too grin-ny, the one with the punk haircut sounds a bit like a (bad) Boy George and in general they annoyed me. But, on second watch the song really suited them and they looked fairly comfortable up there. Plus, at least they're a real group who have known each other for more than five minutes, right?

Matt Cardle

Ok, ok - I'm biased because I've loved this guy since day dot, but Matt done good. This one can sing, you see. He did a great rendition of When Love Takes Over - not something I'd expect him to sing and he nailed it. He didn't have twenty dancers behind him either, as he doesn't need it... my only issue was that I was begging him to put the microphone stand down, as he was hanging onto it for dear life, but I imagine we can blame Brian for that one. Oh, and he had his hat on. Good lad. 

John Adeleye

I had high hopes for this one, having decided I don't really like anyone other than Matt. It's about time we had a good soulful voice from someone a little bit cool (sorry Andy Abraham) and despite being in the over the hill category I thought John could do well. Enter, Louis. He chose One Sweet Day and it was so cheesy, obvious and boring that I'm surprised poor John didn't yawn his way through it. He needs to be cool rather than sickly, and the pretty nasal vocals didn't help. 

Rebecca Ferguson

I keep struggling to remember this girl's name... couldn't she have changed it to something more star-like? Anyhoo, Rebecca does have a memorable, dusty, syrupy voice that probably deserves to be in the live shows. She sang pretty well but she should slap the stylist for making her look about 80 and needs to learn to own a stage. She looks like she's meant to have two band mates with her to take a share of the spotlight, and it's a bit annoying to watch.Oh, and she seems to find the floor fascinating. 

Storm Lee

I don't really have an opinion on this Storm guy... he's in Louis' group so is there any point? That said, the song suited him, his voice is quite good and he would have been fine if he hadn't been spray painted and dressed up like a Barbie doll. It was so camp and try-hard, all I felt was sorry for the guy. I hope he's old enough to stand up for himself and get the image sorted before next week. He's been humiliated enough, no?

Belle Amie

The 'created' girl group were dressed a bit oddly in my opinion but were blessed with a song that everyone likes right now (Airplanes) so they could yell 'WE'RE CURRENT! WE'RE SO NOW!' without actually yelling it. The arrangement was a bit off but I think they 'made their point' enough to stay a little longer, and could work well if they don't want to scratch each other's eyes out.

Cher Lloyd

Oh, Cher. Cher-yl. Look at that. They're practically the same. Except that Cheryl tries to be gangster while also selling hair products and maintaining a squeaky clean image, whereas Cher sings a bit like she's on crack and looks like she could be about to topple over from the weight of her eyelashes at any minute. Blaming tonsilitis isn't really good enough to explain why she oh-so-failed at judge's houses, but anyway, that's all in the past. And press. Last night she had a point to make too, and she may have pulled it off... only votes will tell. Cheryl's all excited because she's got someone who can rap and look a bit 'street' (everything she wants but can't do). But all I see is someone out of their depth who has one single bony-hipped dance move. She also can't speak properly - odd considering she can rap.

Diva Fever

These guys are so sweet. I can't stand duos. But they are sweet. In all their neon-campness, they can sing a bit too. But their performance was a lot like something Louis would put together after eating a special brownie. All bright colours, most of the vocals from one of them (presumably because the other was blinded by all the colour) and a few giggles. But this from Simon? I think he's just playing with them like a kid with dolls because he doesn't see them going far. 

Paije Richardson

My favourite comeback kid, Paije's performance of Killing Me Softly was as good as we all expected. His jacket was hideous but apart from that, he's winning material. I think he'd do better over on American Idol though... they seem to love this kind of artist and appreciate them much more than here in the boring pop-loving UK. I'd love a Paije/Matt final, but it probably won't happen.

Katie Waissel

Worst performance of the night, easily. Not just because I'm biased and think along with the rest of the world that she shouldn't be there in the first place, but because she is not the star she thinks she is and also looked like Cruella de Vil. I 'get' Simon's comment of likening her to Cyndi Lauper, but her 'quirky' look (i.e looking like someone who frequents Shoreditch high street) was pushed, er, a bit far. Like Gaga far. It was embarrassing, she looked awful, the keyboard stuff was awful, and the whole thing was ridiculous, which sums up every performance she's ever done on the X Factor. I hope she's put out of her misery (and us too) by leaving tonight.

Mary Byrne

The token 'super normal' act, Tesco Mary has got a huge following already so I won't moan. Much. I do like our Mary, but really, what's going to happen? If she wins, she'll have an album of covers and all the mums will be happy. Great. But I want fresh talent, something different, someone who brings something really individual or at least something that fills a gap in the market. Personally I think Mary would do fab as the next Jane McDonald (that's not an insult, I love Jane) on the cruises, but if Top of the Pops were still around I wouldn't want her on it. Sorry. But she should definitely keep singing... just not on television, much.

Nicolo Festa

I don't get it. I really don't understand where this guy is coming from or why he was put through, other than for being memorable as a weirdo. I adore Dannii but this year I think her mummy brain might have made her make some booboos. He's very aloof, doesn't have a memorable look and I don't understand how he can make anything 'his own' as Dannii says because I don't understand what 'his own' is. Giving him a Gaga song was not wise, though it did help him scream 'European' in case we hadn't got that already. His voice isn't really there (or at least last night it wasn't) and he looked completely wrong doing choreographed moves... though I'm not sure what he should be doing instead other than pouting. 

One Direction

The teenyboppers. I'm sure if I was in school I'd feel different but these guys are just... no. What's with the one in the leather who looked angry throughout? And the terrible dance moves that looked like they were being shocked via mini vibrators? There was a mixture of dad dancing, nervous twitching and drama-school faces in there, and I didn't like it. They do look right as a band, well done Simon etc etc, but that's sort of where it ends. I think they should have said, 'You're a band now - now come back next year and audition when you know each other and have grown some face fluff'. Then they could have come up with a better name too.


So good he only has a first name? Or... not. I assume Wagner was put through purely for comedy value - I missed his first audition so don't know if he ever wowed us, but the only thing that wowed me was the fact that they were allowed to have female dancers rubbing their own boobs and bums like cheap porn, at - what? 8pm on a Saturday night? Oh dear. If that's what he needs for us to think he's a keeper, then... fail. 

Aiden Grimshaw

I was anti-Aiden until today, when I finally saw what everyone was on about. I think it was the hair that distracted me before. This little boy can sing rather well, and the vulnerable look he's working could, well, work for him. He's a bit like Joe McElderry but with an edge, and an evil rather than angelic smile. I might like him. His nervy, shakey style suited Mad World, but I couldn't tell whether it was part of the act or if he was just shaking with nerves. Either way it was a bit awkward to watch (Dannii looked petrified) but the voice made up for it. Final three please.

Treyc Cohen

Finally, someone a bit normal. Treyc has the voice, a rather large but pert (so she's ok) bottom and a hard time ahead to compete with the press-attention-grabbers Katie and Cher who are alongside her in Cheryl's group. I quite enjoyed that she openly said when the others found out about the wildcard they didn't seem best pleased, and the clip of her talking to a worried Katie made me cackle. I think they tried to give her Tina Turner hair which wasn't necessary but One was a perfect song choice and despite what Simon said I think she's got an ok look. He's probably just not used to seeing people with curves, being next to Cheryl and all. I think Treyc is this year's Alexandra Burke: she'll be consistent throughout and may be the one to watch, in the background while everyone else is having diva moments. 

Obviously, everyone has their own opinions (please do comment with yours) and these are just mine... it depends what you want from the show. Personally I love a big voice from someone who can perform whether it's sitting on the floor next to someone with a guitar or while being catapaulted in from a different studio... so long as it suits their own style. To be honest, I'm more excited about Usher being on the show tonight than who's to go out in the double elemination...


4 Response to " The X Factor: First Live Show "

  1. Completely agree with your Katie views. But who thought putting her in a perspex helmet would help at all? Never mind the singing...SACK the stylist!


  2. Rebecca Said,

    ugh, out with try-hard-katie! aiden to win! obviously none of that will happen as it's all a fix, i'll love dannii forever but i'm not sure if i've got the stamina for this season after such a bad start!!! xxx


  3. I so want to boycott it in protest but then I wouldn't have all the fun of moaning about it! Cannot believe the result tonight... bands never get to do well and I feel bad for FYD, a total insult to them that they didn't stay! Thanks for your comments lovelies xxx


  4. Sarah Said,

    Treyc normal girl but pretentious, weird spelling of her name! ...and I liked Katie's outfit! Loved the helmet, however I can't see myself wearing it out in Wandsworth... agree with you about her performance though.

    Blog looking good hon! Will keep reading x


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