"Think nice thoughts"

Posted by Judy Johnson On Thursday, 20 December 2012 21:23
For some reason, I haven't been sleeping well lately and have been waking in the night having had nasty nightmares quite regularly. This used to happen quite a lot when I was younger, and as soon as I wake from one now I always hear my mum's voice telling me to 'think nice thoughts' - it's what she always used to say to calm me down. Then I'd reply, brat that I was, that I couldn't think of any nice thoughts, so she'd tell me to think of the beach. That usually did it. 

These days I can picture Ibiza's beaches (rather than Brighton where I grew up, which is rather pebbly) but I also have a few extras to help me unwind in case my stupid thought process goes 'Ooh, a beach. Ooh, the sea. Oh crap, a huge wave. Uhoh, I can't swim. Yeah, I'm going to drown. Bugger.' Seriously, it happens. 

So, should you be having nightmares too (the idea of a big fat man in a red suit coming down your chimney might be too much to handle) or if you simply need to chill out, here are my latest ways of doing as my mum tells me to... 

Musical prozac
I've written about this before in my post on how to cheer yourself up, but music really is the best pick-me-up. I'd even go so far as to say it's better than chocolate. I can't live without Spotify and have lots of playlists to choose from, from Musical Prozac collaborated by myself and Emma Cossey, to my Just Chilling list which may not be particularly cool (actually, neither is the other one unless you're a 90s kid) but it works a treat for making me relax. 

Pic from Guardian, Fiona Hanson/PA

I've also just created a Spice Girls one after seeing Viva Forever - you can't be sad around them. Fact. 

Read a decent book
It doesn't have to be funny or soft romance - I find whatever book I'm into will help me snap out of post-nightmare restlessness because what better way to escape your dream world and real world than to read about another one? 

At the moment I'm reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo which certainly isn't heart-warming but it is so gripping that once I'm reading it I can barely remember my own name never mind what I was dreaming about. 

Light a candle
But be careful with the matches, obviously. I've recently rediscovered just how much I like scented candles - whether it's my working life and experience in spa and beauty products taking over my brain or simply the memory of a teenage bedroom surrounded by them, there's something comforting and seemingly indulgent about lighting an aromatherapy candle and sitting back to enjoy it. 

You can get so many soothing concoctions and I've barely started building up my collection again (damn those teenage 'it's not cool anymore' clear outs) but at the moment I'm enjoying one from Yankee Candle. I love the Lotus Flower and Sea Salt aromatherapy spa one to add a really gentle scent to the air. Though I do wish they'd do one that smells like freshly baked cakes... that would definitely perk me up and remind me of home. 

Disclosure: Candle was sent to me by their PR.


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