Fun websites you need to know about

Posted by Judy Johnson On Tuesday, 27 November 2012 21:08
Isn't the web great? You can shop on it, date on it, talk on it... who knows what you'll be able to do next. Eat on it? Sleep on it? 

Who cares, because there is plenty more to keep us entertained pretty much forever. Here's a little round up of websites that I forget about easily, but shouldn't because they are just so brilliant it hurts. Or maybe I am just easily pleased...

Because why would yo ass wanna read normal English when yo ass can have phat English?

If you're going to insult someone, do it properly.

Emergency compliment
Because everyone deserves a compliment, at least once a day. Or just keep clicking until you feel better, because your hair really does look great today.

Fuck I'm in my 20s
If you are in your twenties, or at least remember them well, you'll 'relate'.

Everyone knows this one, but it's always good to remember their best bits. Their recent comic on working online is my favourite.

Draw a stickman
Who doesn't want to create their own man? Draw one and see him come to life.

Any others I should know about?

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