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Posted by Judy Johnson On Tuesday, 6 March 2012 23:26

Less than an hour ago I was saying how I could do with some more time to do all the little ideas racing around my head. Then I opened my Emerald Street email that I'd flagged in my inbox earlier and made my life a little more difficult by checking out Incredibox. Goodbye, productivity! Hello, new toy!

Incredibox is an app which, as far as I can see, has no real use other than to entertain. Just what I need - another site to get hooked on. But this is so much fun -  all you do is create your own little boyband (sadly no early Take That-style dance moves here) by dragging and dropping the various options in beats, melodies, effects and vocals onto the animated men and there you have it, you're creating your own music. You can record what you create, share it and play their bonus clips which so far I've found are songs that they've made themselves. 

Pointless? Yes. Entertaining? Double yes. No matter what you mix together, whether it's mostly beats or one of each of the categories, nothing sounds bad. I love the little touches such as the men's eyes following the mouse on both the homepage and the composing section, and the different hats and costumes each character is wearing. Definitely one to bookmark!

What sites do you use for a bit of time out?

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  1. Anonymous Said,

    The first time I went to Incredibox it was amazing! However, i just went back to try it again and it says I'm forbidden to view the website.


  2. Hiya

    I have the same thing - did a little search and it looks like their server is down as they have had too much traffic. Take a look at their Facebook page for updates and thanks for letting me know!



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