You Know You Live in London When...

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 19 September 2010 19:28
I've lived in London for five years. I love cities so it wasn't a drastic step for me, but I am from a small village in Sussex, near Brighton, where old people say hello when you walk past them and you can't go to a bar without bumping into, well, your entire tutor group from year seven. London has already changed me a bit - and it's most noticeable when I'm somewhere else. I'm not sure London will ever officially be home, but I'm definitely becoming a Londoner. Here are a few reasons why.

You know you live in London when...

  1. A two minute wait for a train or bus is a 'delay'
  2. You question someone's intentions if they smile at you
  3. Your highlight of the day is getting a seat on the train home
  4. You can't sleep when it's deadly quiet or pitch black
  5. You think there must be a massive crime going on that's keeping all the police busy if you haven't heard sirens for a while (or is that just Lewisham?)
  6. You leave for a night out at 11pm
  7. £8 is cheap for a cocktail
  8. You have to fight the urge to shout at slow people
  9. Paying to get into a club is just out of the question
  10. You debate wearing a coat even when it's snowing, because you know the tube will still be like an airless sauna regardless
What have I missed?


5 Response to " You Know You Live in London When... "

  1. Brilliant post and so true! My mum always says it's like coming to the Bronx when she stays with me (in Lewisham) - not that she's ever, er been to the Bronx. I think the other thing that totally identifies you as a Londoner is when someone throws themself under the tube and you wonder how they could be so selfish as to make you late for work.


  2. Haha that is very very true - I have heard do many people say 'I mean, WHY the Central line? Why not one further out?'!

    I think most of my friends (and all of my family) are petrified of Lewisham. Don't even mention New Cross...


  3. 11. Long queues of traffic suddenly arise because people are digging up the road.


  4. Em Said,

    When 'ladies first' gives way to 'screw you I'm getting on the tube first'.

    Also, you know you live in London when it takes the same amount of time for you to cross London, as it does for someone in Reading to get into the capital ;)


  5. And why is London the only city in the country where people don't know anything about the concept of queuing to get on a bus? You would think it's common sense - the first person at the bus stop should be the first person on the bus - but oh no, not in London. You snooze, you lose!

    Aaaahhh, ya gotta love London eh?


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