The best decisions I ever made

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 8 June 2014 00:54
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I am awful at making decisions. I really am. I'm one of those people who has to read the entire menu twice before I can even narrow it down to a shortlist; I'm about to move house and just trying to decide whether I should keep my desk or sell it is giving me a full blown headache. 

Where should I live? Where should I go on holiday? When should I go on holiday? Should I spend money on an iPad or on redoing my site? Should I send that dress back to ASOS? Do I want to go on that date? What nail polish shall I wear? What do I want? I DON'T KNOW. (Answers on a postcard if you know, please.) 

But as my mother keeps telling me, I'll work it all out. Or it'll work out in the end. I'm not sure that's the same thing. It did get me thinking, though, about the few good decisions I have somehow made before. Here are my top 5... 

Getting contact lenses
Ok so it's not laser eye surgery, and I wear glasses in the day to prevent going cross eyed and blind at my screen, but still. I only wish someone had told me to do it sooner. Perhaps if fewer  people, while I was a vulnerable self-conscious teenager, had said 'God you look really weird without glasses' on the rare occasion I'd taken them off and instead said 'You should do that more', I might have discovered that hiding behind frames wasn't so smart after all. It's liberating and I feel like a different person when I'm wearing them. Or maybe I just feel like me? Deep...

Going to Goldsmiths uni
It's one of the stranger places to wind up - full of people in jeans so tight they're cutting off the circulation, hair that even Harry Styles would be ashamed to own and clothes that are apparently 'alternative' except everyone is wearing them there so they're actually the norm. But amid the hairspray and tattoos I found a handful of friends who have led to some of the closest friends I have today; and I like to think all those fees were worth it too as I've now got my dream job.

Ditching jeans
No, I don't wear jeans anymore. As a tall, widely-hipped girl I slowly realised that post '90s-flares (actually thanks to Miss Selfridge they carried on until about 2004), dresses are a far better option. Life is so much easier now I don't have to worry about that button doing up or find a new top to wear every day that doesn't make me look 12.

Joining Twitter
I've written about this before but Twitter not only found me aforementioned dream job (thank you Emma for finding me!), but some amazing friends, inspiring writers to look up to and a community where I can chat about everything from Homeland to hair products and laugh all the way through.

Living in London
It might be ridiculously expensive, occasionally stressful and full of people who will shove you out of their way on a daily basis just to get on a packed tube, but I love London. I love cities and the fact that you can find something new around every corner, and what's even better is that I've got a damn good bunch of fellow Londoners to discover them with. I've made a home here and though I sometimes miss the idyllic village of Lindfield that I grew up in, it's just a train ride away. London is the best place to be young and single - you're never bored of things to do and you never know who you might meet. That beats bumping into the same faces in my old hometown's bar any day...


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