The only way is dresses

Posted by Judy Johnson On Thursday, 28 February 2013 22:06
First thing's first: I do not, nor have I ever watched TOWIE. It's just not my kind of thing - I'd much rather a good dose of sunshine in the form of Home and Away or camp drama like Revenge.

Now that that's out the way; when my friend introduced me to Lipstick Boutique, on first look I didn't think it was for me based on the names behind the range - that is, girls from The Only Way Is Essex. Lauren Pope, Amy Childs, Jessica Wright... all names I've seen when guiltily scrolling through the Daily Mail sidebar of shame but not ones I'd particularly copy the style of.

But then I saw dresses, and dresses are a bit of an addiction of mine. And after a quick browse, my first impression was quashed. The ranges are modelled by the girls themselves, and beyond the OTT make-up and fake lashes they all actually have quite curvy figures, which is refreshing for a fashion site and good for me in terms of knowing what will suit.

Most of the styles are a bit much for me - my curves aren't necessarily in the right places like these celebs (cue violin, please) so I can't pull off a skin-tight body con dress like some of them can. But once I'd scrolled past the ones which were a bit too WAG, I found some I really liked.

Of them all, Lydia's range is my favourite - her dresses are a little more girly, quirky and interesting, with a range of prints and shapes and there's something a bit retro about them too. 

I was offered the chance to try out one of the dresses and in minutes I'd picked the Georgia - a prom-like dress of black lace which is exactly my style for something that's a bit more formal; plus she's wearing a headband in the photo, so it had to be The One. 

I was surprised at how heavy it was when it arrived, not like the thin and flimsy dresses that usually sit in my wardrobe (side glance at H&M here) but when I slipped it on, I loved how it fit. Well made, perfect sizing and a gorgeous cut that skims hips and tightens in at the waist. 

Seeing as I have 6 weddings to attend this year this might just be one of my outfits, teamed with a pearly headband and dainty flats. I'll be keeping my eye on the new collections too... 

Disclosure: Dress was PR sample

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