Ibiza 2012 - 7 days of smiles

Posted by Judy Johnson On Monday, 24 September 2012 23:52
As we all know (don't we?), Ibiza is my happy place. It's my favourite place in the world, apart from perhaps bed after a long day, and my parents' sofa assuming they're there and making the tea. I went for my third time this summer, and since I posted last year about my 2011 Ibiza fun I felt it only right that I do the same this year.


This year was a spur of the moment booking, which I made for the day after I got back from Hideout Festival in Croatia. And I'm so glad I took the leap, did the selfish thing and booked myself the 7 days on the lovely White Isle. 

I'd never taken a holiday longer than a week before, and with Croatia rolling into this trip I felt all kinds of reckless. Croatia wasn't what I expected this time round; too hot, too crowded, too full of people doing things they shouldn't and thinking they were cool because they were so out of it they wouldn't remember anything the next day. Not exactly my kind of festival (Lovebox is a million times better).

But rather than be disappointed at a wasted holiday, I could look forward to sun, sea and parties with a group of girls who are, quite frankly, brilliant. We jetted off to Ibiza on a massive high, with wine on the plane (my first time drinking in the air; we cleaned them all out. Sorry easyjet.) and directions to our low budget, all inclusive hotel - Piscis Park. 

The hotel

A word about Piscis Park. It's not the Hilton. Do not expect a polished bathroom, a beautiful sea view (though you might if you're lucky) or fellow residents who won't scream and shout at 6am when you've just got home and want to sleep. 

Yes, it's a bit noisy. Yes, the buffet is all kinds of weird and not suitable for vegetarians unless you can survive on cheese and potatoes. Yes, the 'all inclusive bar' is a bit crap if you want wine (the wine is bad) and the choice of sandwiches is ham and cheese, or cheese and ham. But for £400 for flights and accommodation all in, that's no surprise. It had air con, it had beds, it had food, and was right by the Egg which meant we could walk everywhere - so we were happy. And that's all I'm saying, other than lock your suitcase or get a safe...

F*** Me I'm Famous, David Guetta at Ushuaia

The beach

Now, I'm not a beach person in general, but on this holiday I could finally enjoy it thanks to my total lack of prickly heat, great friends who didn't make me feel like a whale every time I bared some pale skin and a gorgeous, secluded beach called Cala Gracio. If you've ever been to Ibiza you'll know that reps will plague you on the main beaches, trying to sell you stuff - all well and good, but sometimes you just want to rest your weary head under an umbrella and snooze in the sun. 

Cala Gracio is a stunning beach up in the San Antonio area of town - we took a quick taxi from by the egg (where our hotel was) but it's a nice walk too if you have the energy. The restaurant there is brilliant - just don't eat the fruit from the guy who wanders around, it's not clean! 

The parties

Oh, the parties. As is standard in Ibiza, we didn't really have any proper 'quiet nights'. The first night involved a too-good-to-turn-down deal on alcohol in the west end, followed by dancing and more dancing... and that's pretty much how the rest of the holiday went.

During the week we saw Mark Ronson and Zane Lowe at Ibiza Rocks Hotel (amazing, completely changed my opinion of Lowe); David Guetta at the b-e-a-utiful Ushuaia (worth every cent of the 100 euros we paid - it's a five star hotel!); Hed Kandi with Lovely Laura at Es Paradis (always a perfect night); some British DJ in Eden (no idea); and plenty of bruises as we braved the dodgems after a night out (again). 

In between all that we visited my all time favourite bar, Ibiza Rocks, and did the Pukka Up boat party which yet again proved to me I am incapable of getting sunstroke when I drink in the day on holiday but was fun all the same. 

The best bit about the holiday? It really felt like a holiday. I felt happy, on top form, rested, and laughed so much about all sorts from accidentally stolen almonds to sea urchins, to the fact that cat doesn't rhyme with dog, and the sheer amount of neon we spread around the island. Guess you had to be there... and I'm so glad I was. Roll on summer 2013!

Quick tips
  • Go to Kiss My Fairy and get body painted/glittered. We got our faces done for 15 euros and loved it!
  • Make sure you do see the sunset at the sunset cafes - we saved it for our last night and it was a very fitting goodbye.
  • Get the bus from the airport if you know your way around the island or roughly where you're going. SO much cheaper!


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