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Posted by Judy Johnson On Saturday, 26 March 2011 23:43
I love painting my nails. Forget fashion - keeping up with the catwalks is expensive and not all of the trends will suit every shape and size. Nail colours and nail trends on the other hand can be worn by anyone and everyone, and they won't break the bank either. Yes, nail polish to me is what shoes are to Carrie Bradshaw.

So, having already been a huge fan of Barry M's cheap and cheerful (and pretty chip-resistant) nail varnishes for some time, I was first in line to grab the Instant Nail Effects polish when it came out. In case you've somehow missed the buzz, it's a black top coat that you put on over colour - and as it dries, it cracks to leave an instantly and effortlessly cool design on your nails. I've been wearing it over anything and everything - bright corals, pinks and greens are really eye-catching, and at the moment I'm wearing it over gold for an almost leopard-print look. 

So why am I telling you this now? Because it just got better. Barry M have released three more colours - a blue, pink and white - of the shatter polish so that we can have even more fun doing our own manicures. The one I'm struggling with the most is the blue - it's an odd shade so I'm not sure what to layer it on top of, but it still makes a nice change from the black. I've tried them all on black and I think white is my favourite just as it's nice and bright (sorry for the bad application, I started it in candelight thanks to Earth Hour!).

Other brands have released similar products, but at just £3.99 a pop, Barry M is my favourite. What are yours? And what are you layering them on top of?

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  1. Emma Said,

    Ah I'm jealous, did you order them online? Really want to try the other colours out as the black version is getting a lot of usage at the moment.


  2. Judy Said,

    Yes I did get have to get them online - tried a few shops last weekend but they only had the black! They arrived pretty quickly though so it's worth doing :)


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