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Posted by Judy Johnson On Saturday, 26 March 2011 18:43
Though I'm not sure it's fair to call it 'news' since we could probably have worked it out for ourselves, a new health study appeared this week telling us that 'occasional' physical and sexual activity is bad for the heart. So-called 'spikes' in physical activity, such as when you're getting down and dirty once in a blue moon, can actually trigger heart attacks. Well, Eastenders were a step ahead with Phil Mitchell on that one, weren't they?

This really comes as no surprise - we all know we're supposed to exercise regularly, it's just that a lot of us don't. I've lost count of the number of friends I've spoken to who say how appalled they are when they realise they don't actually do any exercise other than walking to the station in the morning. I am one of those people - it's hard to fit it in; costs money unless you're one of those running types (I'm not); and when you're trying to get ahead in your career while socialising enough so that you're not working all the time, plus doing all those other life-niggles such as cleaning the house and making dinner, adding a trip to the gym into that is a little off-putting. Of course, these are all excuses, but valid ones - time is precious when you're a Londoner.

I have a genius idea that could solve this problem - fitness carriages on trains. Seriously. One carriage (more if more people wanted it) that's basically empty floor space, with an instructor doing aerobics as you make your way home. I have a 20 minute train journey that could be put good to use each day if only it were invented... so, Boris, if you're reading, sort it out please.

This probably won't happen any time soon. So my answer? I'm going to try and make exercise part of my routine. Sounds simple, right? I am a girl of routine - I have my cup of tea after 4pm and not a moment before, I have cereal for dinner if I haven't eaten by half nine and I know to start getting ready a couple of hours before I need to leave for a night out in order to have hair that looks photographically acceptable.  So instead of worrying about joining a gym and whether or not I'll find time to go, or finding someone to come to a class with me so that I'm motivated, I'm keeping it simple. 

I've just spent £400 worth of Wahanda vouchers on a block of 24 power plate sessions at Fitness for Every Body in London Bridge - conveniently on my way home from work - and plan to go to a class once a week at least. Knowing it's paid for and all I have to do is pick a class is already a weight off my mind (and will hopefully soon be a weight off my waist). I did my first session this week - and am still aching - and have a double cardio session booked for Thursday. Eeek. 

Next up is walking - now, I have a running argument (unintentional pun) with a friend over whether walking is 'real' exercise, but I believe it is, and given that it's not as intimidating as the thought of running somewhere, I think I can squeeze it in to my daily habits. Having read an article over on That's Fit about a walking plan, I realised that all that's been stopping me is wondering where to walk to  - the only bit of Lewisham that I know particularly well is the mall, and it seems very Cher-from-Clueless to exercise my way to the mall. But if all I need to do is twenty minutes or so at a time, I can walk up the very long hill by my house and back again... and be home in time to have something that isn't cereal for tea. Easy!

I'm hoping putting a few twenty minute stints of simple exercise into my week will take the effort out of it and just make it another thing I do each day - I also own a hula hoop which gets a daily spin and that doesn't even feel like exercise. How do you fit your fitness into your routine?

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