Wrong Place, Wrong Time, or Wrong Guy?

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 22 August 2010 01:24
The thing with being single is that you continuously convince yourself that fate will intervene at some point and you'll meet Mr Perfect. You know, your eyes will meet across a crowded room and the rest will be history; your friend will introduce you to their hot single friend and the rest will be history; your first love will build you the house you wanted and the rest will be history... Oh, wait, that's just The Notebook. You get the gist. The age-old tale of 'You'll meet someone when you're not even looking' may actually be true, but this just makes it all the more tempting to indulge in the notion that He will find us, stumble across us and declare his undying love soon after. Happily ever after, the end, etc. 

Well, I think fate is on holiday, because it's all going wrong. Last weekend, I was on holiday myself in Stockholm (stunning place by the way). Rather than being in the right place at the right time, I seem to be forever in the exact opposite. While my friend and I were enjoying our last evening in the city with dinner outside a restaurant, a guy walked straight up to us, on his own, and asked me for a 'favour'. 

This already sounded bad. He explained that he lived in Sweden but was from the States, and that he'd stupidly told his friend over there that he had a girlfriend in the city, after being mocked about not being able to get a girl. He'd lied, of course. And wanted a picture, of us together, as 'proof'. I immediately told him to take a picture of my friend instead but he said I matched the description he gave. (He even gave a description? Jeez). My friend found this all hilarious. We humoured him, he then attempted to get my number, I laughed it off, he left. He looked about 17. 

Now, had that been a Matt Damon lookalike, perhaps fate may have been on the right track (or at least around somewhere). But no, I have to get the loonies who lie to their friends and take home random photos of themselves with girls they don't know. Not cool, fate.

Then, we had the opposite; smart, funny, slightly drop-dead-gorgeous guy who was at a BBQ we went to one evening with my travel buddy's Swedish friend. I could have listened to him chatting all night. But alas, he had to go, and so did we. Plus, fate wouldn't be too clever if I met Mr Perfect in Sweden. I've done long distance but that is quite far. Wrong place, right time. 

Then there's online dating, which kind of kills fate off with a bang because you're quite actively looking and clicking away to find Mr Perfect. When you're both in the same place searching for potential dates, there's nothing but right place, right time moments. A lovely friend recently added me to My Single Friend where I attempted to do the online thing - well, my whole world is online so why not dating? But though I met a really nice guy who I wanted to meet up with, it actually wasn't the right time for me so I shied away. Right place, wrong time. 

Are people ever in the right place at the right time and find Mr Right in the process? Only, now I'm starting to wonder if it is the right time... as since I now keep thinking about said online guy, maybe fate was stepping in after all? Next time, fate, shout a little louder, will you?

2 Response to " Wrong Place, Wrong Time, or Wrong Guy? "

  1. FilmFan1971 Said,

    I think there was probably something else going on with Mr Wrong. I think he was just trying to start a conversation with you. Or maybe he and his friends were trying to get themselves photographed with as many people as possible in one night or something? I don't believe his "I need to prove to my friends that I do have a girlfriend" story, anyway.


  2. Em Said,

    I love the idea of fate stepping in, it's so much more romantic, right? But I think sometimes it needs a push in the right direction too.

    Maybe it's more a matter of meeting a guy who's so Mr Right that the time and place just don't matter?


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