The Single Scoop

Posted by Judy Johnson On Saturday, 7 August 2010 17:18
Firstly, an introduction. Single Scoop is something that has been in the background of my virtual to-do list for some time, but it hasn’t had a name until now. After reading a brutally honest piece of writing by a good friend, I felt inspired to get started on it – and the name popped into my head. (Ironically, it’s also quite topical as I recently had an odd exchange with a waitress in Prezzo who couldn’t quite accept I only wanted one scoop of ice cream… but that’s another story).

I am quite nervous about this. Not that I have many followers right now to read it. But I’m nervous all the same. I’m hoping it won’t come across like a wittering, sad and lonely account of being single and feeling sorry for oneself – rather, I just want to share the many little (sometimes funny) stories of being single, attempting to date and relationships in general that I have been writing for years in my mind but rarely getting them onto paper.

So, it’s born… *deep breath*… the Single Scoop – the highs and lows of singledom. I really hope you enjoy it.

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