Goodbye Desperate Housewives - you were never boring

Posted by Judy Johnson On Wednesday, 20 June 2012 22:56
(Yes, this contains spoilers. Please don't read if you're yet to see it.)
I've finally watched the last ever episode of Desperate Housewives. And I really, really didn't want to have to say this, but - I'm disappointed. 

With the ending and the way it was put together, I assume they're trying to say it's come full circle - Lynette and Tom back together with her as a successful businesswoman; Susan and Julie back to being single mum and single daughter (plus gorgeous MJ); Bree happily married; Gaby and Carlos still arguing but happy in their own way too. And of course, the final scene and the return of Mary Alice suggesting that plenty more antics will happen with the new generation of neighbours.

That's all fine - but the whole thing felt completely rushed. We went from seeing Gaby go off to work in a huff to her being at Renee's before the wedding, with no explanation. Plus, where was Lynette? As best friend to Renee, surely she would be in the car? 

The wedding itself wasn't even shown (gutted - I love Renee), and the reception was only worth a watch for the speech from Lynette and the tango talk from Carlos - a wedding is an opportunity for so much drama and it just wasn't there. 

Loose ends were left - really, would Lynette and Tom move their daughter all the way to NYC? It didn't look like she was with them. And does Porter not want to see his child anymore? 

Then there was Karen's story. As someone who has been there since the very beginning and involved in all of the characters' lives somehow, I thought Mrs McCluskey's ending was nowhere near good enough. She was full of great one-liners and was a big part of Wysteria Lane, so needed more than just a silent goodbye in a montage of nonsense. I expected to see a few memories (she and Edie were a fantastic pair), a final speech to the girls to stop being so ridiculous and a proper goodbye. It's even sadder that the actress recently died in real life; a talented woman who should have had a far better send off as her alter ego.

There were some nice touches - the ghosts were creepy, but a handy reminder of all that's gone on and allowed us to see some of our favourite characters. I didn't enjoy having Katherine back on the lane or what they had done with her character - seriously, I thought the leading ladies had learned more this season than they have before and wouldn't be so envious of all her money that quickly. I just wish they'd finished with an hour-long episode that gave us a good insight into how far they've all come, and what happens next - without fast forwarding 40 years to see granny Lynette in a park with the kids.

Aside from the disappointments, I am really going to miss my weekly fix of Desperate Housewives. It's been a brilliant drama, with incredibly insane storylines that no other show would ever get away with, but somehow it just worked. Stylish, sleek and with plenty of dark moments, TV won't be the same.

What did you think of the final installment? 

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