Ten films that should never, ever be remade

Posted by Judy Johnson On Thursday, 24 May 2012 22:04
I watched the new Footloose movie last week. I sort of enjoyed it. I'm so sorry Kevin. It didn't mean anything, it's just I added it to my LoveFilm list and one thing led to another and it just sort of... happened. 

Anyway. The girl was better (I was never a fan of Ariel in the original) but the lead definitely wasn't a patch on Kevin Bacon for me - his dancing seemed too choreographed in comparison. They did a great job of casting Willard though and the music was almost as good. However, it got me thinking about all the BRILLIANT films that should never be touched - in fact no one should ever even THINK to remake them because they are. Just. Too. Awesome. Here they are, in no particular order...


As IF you would remake Clueless! Alicia Silverstone was just too good as spoilt teenager Cher, and we still enjoy it now even though we're no longer in the 90s. If they redid it you just know the teenagers would be 90210-types that make you want to throw things.

The Bodyguard

There have been rumours of this (OK it's been confirmed. I'm in denial). Let it be known that if anyone dares recreate the beauty that is The Bodyguard, I will  definitely, most certainly* commit suicide.


I mean really. Piss off. You wouldn't remake Disney would you? Well then, leave this immaculately flawless movie well alone. John and Olivia can never be replaced.

Robin Hood Prince of Thieves

I realise this is the second film to include Kevin Costner. Yes, there's a reason for that. He's spine-tinglingly awesome and this film is timeless. Hands off, OK?

Die Hard

Keep making sequels, YES. Dare re-do it? Never. There's only one John McClane.

Dirty Dancing

Imagine the horror. Swayze would turn in his grave (or maybe just mambo erratically) if they even tried. They may as well cast a banana and a pineapple for the leads for all the chemistry anyone would have in comparison to the steamy Swayze and Grey. Or maybe a watermelon...

Crocodile Dundee

They couldn't, could they? Paul Hogan IS Crocodile Dundee. If he's not in it, the whole film is a pointless shambles about some random dude with an accent. Don't be daft, it could never be copied.

Jurassic Park

You can't beat perfection. Enough said.


No one will ever do Kate and Leo justice. Ya hear me, Hollywood? NO ONE. They'll never let go, either, so you're better off coming up with your own heartbreaking story.

The Notebook

Even if you're a cold-hearted bloke (emphasis on the bloke), you'll understand how epic The Notebook is and why we all drool over Ryan Gosling in it. And Rachel McAdams. This one must never be toyed with. They'd have a lot of crying romantics on their hands if they tried... not pretty.

What films would you hate to see remade, or what remakes have pleasantly surprised you?

*Probably not, though.


5 Response to " Ten films that should never, ever be remade "

  1. Anonymous Said,

    Wow. Either this post is super-ironic or you really do have shockingly bad taste in films. Did you consider putting "Eat, Pray, Love" or "Bride Wars" in there for completeness? No? "Father of the Bride 2" perhaps?...


  2. Hello ''Anonymous''.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to leave an insult, that was very helpful of you. You must have grown up in a different era to me, but most of these (OK, The Notebook is an exception. You make exceptions for Gosling, really you do) are films I have grown up with and are what I'd consider 'classics' in that regard. I'd hate to see them remade. Just my opinion, if that's OK.

    As it happens, I enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love but they can remake the hell out of it if they really wanted to (not sure they'd want to), I wouldn't mind. Father of the Bride makes me want to stick pins in my eyes. I've never seen Bride Wars as it looked fairly terrible, though I gather from your sarcasm that you have. Each to their own though, right?

    Thanks for reading!



  3. Leanne Said,

    Good call with Titanic - it was odd seeing them in Revolutionary Road!

    For me it would be The Goonies, Ghostbusters, Grease and Shawshank. They just wouldn't be the same, not even slightly!

    That is, of course, unless 'anonymous' would like to tell me what my opinions should be?


  4. Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Don't ruin my childhood Hollywood.

    P.s Anon/troll: The films Judy has listed are classics loved by millions - hardly likely that they ALL have bad taste and you have superior taste is it?


  5. Thanks ladies! I agree with all of those.. and I missed off ET! And The Gremlins, the special effects would totally ruin it. Maybe no films should ever be remade, ever?!



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