Goodbye, Friends

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 4 September 2011 22:33
It's the end of an era today, with Friends being shown for the last time on E4 - no more reruns of Ross's tan ("I'm an EIGHT!"), Phoebe's Smelly Cat or Monica's hoovering of hoovers. It is a sad day. 

Even if you own the boxset, it's not quite the same as the reassurance of knowing that if there is nothing good on TV then there's a good chance you can catch an episode of our favourite guys and girls thanks to E4 and its +1 buddy. Better dust off the DVD player then...

Along with the rest of my team (thankfully also Friends fans), I quote Friends daily. It has something that can be applied to any situation, whether it's a tan gone wrong (see above), trying to speak French (Joey), or metaphors (Rachel, 'You're a shoe you're a shoe you're a shoe!'). 

So, in honour of my favourite ever TV series and its last day on our screens, I thought I'd post a few of the best scenes... I think Ross is coming out as the most memorable. What's your favourite clip?

Goodbye Friends, we'll miss you.


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  1. LV Said,

    Love this post - thank you. i blogged it to but love your take on it too and the clips, some great ones there x


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