The Water Crew Crew

Posted by Judy Johnson On Sunday, 9 May 2010 17:56
Not so long ago I blogged about panic attacks, and I'm always talking about health and fitness. Recently a study came out recommending that exercise be prescribed for those suffering with depression or anxiety. That makes sense, given that a good run or session in the gym can be the perfect way to let off some steam. 

Well, in my quest for fitness as well as a stress-free life, I wanted to find a fun way to exercise. I love dance classes but rarely find cheap ones or ones that friends will willingly go to with me (you sometimes need someone to look at with a 'thank God we're in this together' face). Gyms aren't fun unless you go with someone and even then, 'fun' isn't the word.

My favourite machine in the gym was always the rowing machine. It was so much better than the bikes, where you feel like your knees are going to break and you wish you were cycling outside round a park instead. But I was always lazy in the gym and worked out better in a class. 

So imagine my delight (seriously, I was actually very very happy) when Havva told me about Water Crew classes. It's rowing... in a class. It may as well be called the Judy Class! Ok, maybe not. Anyway, I went to try it with Havva at Trinity Health Club, an intimate little club in London. The result? I absolutely loved it. I smiled through most of it. I even laughed a bit, because Fabio who runs the class was funny. I came away feeling like my whole body had been energised - which it had, as it actually does work out 84% of your muscles.

Obviously, I went back to Wahanda raving about it and we ran a MobDeal with the club pretty soon after. I bought it, as did my friend and we've got two sessions left on our voucher - but I will definitely be buying a course. It's the best class I have ever done - though don't be fooled, it's damned hard work - and I definitely feel happier and healthier after my hour's up. The other week I did 10k in that one session - so my target for the next time is 11k. Wish me luck!

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